All About Lucy's Lozenges


Lucy's Lozenges

We are a gourmet cannabis-infused lozenge company providing high-quality, medicinal-grade medibles for cannabis patients. We provide patients with a portable, delectable product containing medical-grade cannabis in accurate, consistent, and measurable doses. 

Why Lozenges?

Our 200 year old family recipe for artisan, hand-crafted lozenges, has been passed down from generation to generation, and modified to provide flavorful ways to medicate. Perfect for patients looking for convenient, portable, and discreet ways to medicate.

CannaRelief, CannaFlav & CannaGrade

Naturally treat your symptoms with medical grade cannabis. Our lozenges are medicated with Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, or a CBD concentrate. 

Hard or Gel? What will work best for you?

Our lozenges come in both hard and gel forms to provide our patients with two convenient ways to medicate. One is more like a traditional hard lozenge, while the other is easier to swallow. Both ways are delicious and with so many flavors, why not try them all? 

Sativa - Indica - Hybrid - CBD

Know your cannabis and dosage. All our lozenges are available in 10mg and infused with  one of the following:

Sativa -- The high from sativa strains are often described as uplifting and energetic. These are great for daytime use and a favorite for medicinal users because of the pain relief properties.

Indica -- The high from an indica strain leaves you relaxed and ready to sleep. Great for relaxation, stress relief, and insomnia.

Hybrid -- Hybrid cannabis strains provide the best of both worlds.

CBD -- A known anti-inflammatory and pain medication, CBD is also great for treating anxiety, sleep, and stress relief.