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Top Five Reasons Why I Am Thankful I Entered the Cannatank Competition


1.  There is no other local cannabis competition like Cannatank. Sure, there are competitions for start-up businesses. But there is no other competition in the DC area that is meant specifically for cannabis start-up businesses. The judges are experienced and knowledgeable, so you know your business idea is being reviewed by vetted professionals.

2.  The reward is more than  a cash prize. Maybe $1000 sounds like the perfect amount, maybe not. But I cannot stress enough that the reward is more than just a cash prize. In addition to VIP tickets, we received hours of pro-bono advice from market leaders and branding experts. We connected with the cannabis community in DC and Maryland. We found our people who welcomed us with open arms.

3.  It picked me and my dreams off of my couch and into the playing field. Maybe you’re feeling like I did a year ago—paralyzed by my own self-doubt. To that I say, get up and submit your application! Winning is amazing, but what was even better was taking those steps towards my future. Putting my ideas down on paper, figuring out the business plan, finalizing the logo, etc. Even if I had not won, I knew I had taken concrete steps towards making my dream a reality.

4.  It started conversations. So many conversations…with family, with friends, with media, and with investors. It made me realize that people were more “canna-curious” than I had thought. By opening up about my dream business, I was giving permission for others to approach me with their questions. And oh, the stories…Get ready to be surprised by those you thought would never go ganja! 

5.  It was a blast! What can be more fun than putting your dreams on paper? Hanging out with folks that believe in your dreams and want to hear more, that's what! I had so much fun at the festival and at the VIP after party. I met so many people from different walks of life, but we all had so much in common by believing in this beautiful, medicinal plant. Being surrounded by likeminded people was absolutely priceless.  


What are you waiting for? Submit your application TODAY for the 2019 National Cannabis Festival Cannatank.

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